Belhaven University Speakers Bureau

The Belhaven University Speakers Bureau is comprised of University professors who are available to address topics and themes from a Christian world and life view.

Available Speakers and Topics:

Dr. Joe Martin, Professor of Biblical Studies
1. Missions and Evangelism
2. The Church and its Mission
3. Old & New Testament Themes

Dr. Bill Penn, Professor of Economics and Business Administration
1. Workplace Relationships - The SuperSub
2. The Workings of the U.S. Economy- Where are we?
3. The Impact of Ethics on Decision making in the Household & the Firm
4. The Distinctiveness of Belhaven's Adult Education Program

Dr. Paul Waibel, Professor of History
1. The History of the Christian Church

Dr. Ervin Martin, Assistant Professor of Business Administration
1. Christian Leadership

For More Information Contact:
David Sprayberry, Assistant Director of Communications
601-965-7044 /