Student Jobs Program

Federal Work Study

Students who are awarded Federal Work Study on their Student Financial Services Award letter go through Career Services for job placement.

  • Students in the program will receive an email in early August (before the fall semester starts) or early January (before the spring semester starts) regarding what they need to do to prepare as well as an explanation of the program. Students will NOT be placed before Welcome Week but there are things students will need to do in preparation which will be included in that email.
  • Jobs will also be available for viewing exactly one week before interviews on the Belhaven Career Network. Please note, jobs posted on the Belhaven Career Network under “Work Study” can only go to students awarded Federal Work Study from Student Financial Services or your Admissions Advocate.
  • Interviews and placement will start during Welcome Week each semester. Students must go through the interview process to receive their Federal Work Study job.

For questions regarding financial aid, contact Student Financial Services at
For information or questions regarding how the program works at Belhaven, contact Claire Langley, Director of Career Services at

Other notes for Federal Work Study:

  • Arrive to interviews as soon as possible. You will be in and out of required Welcome Week sessions. In your free time, make it a priority to get your Federal Work Study taken care of. Jobs are competitive and go fast. You are guaranteed a job, but not a specific job.
  • Bring your paperwork:
    • Bring the following Human Resource paperwork already filled out if possible. We will have copies available for you to fill out when you arrive. However, you will be able to speed up the process by already having it completed when you come to your interview.
    • Student New Hire Packet 2015 (PDF)
  • Bring two forms of ID from the attached I-9 form (see instructions). Driver's License and Social Security Card are most commonly used.
  • Bring your academic schedule with you. This will be very important for you and your potential supervisors to determine eligibility.
  • Study the campus jobs on the Belhaven Career Network before you arrive. They will be posted one week prior to Welcome Week. Get an idea of what you might be interested in. We suggest having three job interests in mind. You won't always get the first job you interview for so it’s good to have options. We will have these posted the week before school starts to give you a little time to review.
  • Bring your Student Jobs Application completed. You may print a couple of copies (each copy will have two applications on it). You will use this as you go to your different interviews. This should be helpful to you as you think about what jobs you may be interested in.
  • A good attitude and a smile! Remember, these supervisors could be some of your best contacts for recommendations when you get out into the work force.

Federal Work Study Manual for Faculty and Staff:

Download the Federal Work Study Manual