Planned Giving

Planned Giving is Simple and Impactful

People often think making a planned gift is an extremely complicated process, but that is not true. No matter your age or stage in life, it is an easy method to make a significant gift to Belhaven through any one of several planned giving options.

Quite simply, a planned gift is any written document that names Belhaven as a future beneficiary of a portion of one's assets. Planned gifts include, but are not limited to:100 Legacies for Belhaven Campaign

Wills (info)

Life Insurance (info)

Property (info)

Annuities (info)

Retirement Plans (info)

Remainder Trust (info)

Lead Trust (info)

Over the 131 years of Belhaven's existence, the University has been blessed by many alumni and friends who have made regular and annual gifts to sustain Belhaven's Christ-driven mission…these gifts are essential! In an effort to preserve and expand this mission, we have launched the 100 Legacies for Belhaven Campaign.

Put simply, we want to identify at least 100 alumni and friends to help establish a lasting legacy for future generations through the creation of 100 planned gifts that name Belhaven as beneficiary. This campaign seeks to identify those who have already named Belhaven in their estate plans, as well as create awareness of the benefits for developing a comprehensive estate plan that allows donors to expand the mission of Belhaven and provide for their family. Through wise estate planning, individuals can often leave a gift to the University that is 10-20 times greater than what they might be able to give on an annual basis. With numerous tax advantages, creating a planned gift can truly be a "win-win" for everyone.

100 Legacies Campaign

Presidential Alumni: Former Presidents Dr. Verne Kennedy and Dr. Newton Wilson, along with their wives Martie and Becky, serve as chairpersons for The 100 Legacies for Belhaven Campaign.
(left to right):  Dr. Kennedy, Martie Kennedy, Becky Wilson, and Dr. Wilson.

Will you become part of the 100 Legacies Campaign?

All those who make a planned gift to Belhaven automatically become members of our Heritage Society. This special leadership group provides gifts that help sustain the long-term success of Belhaven University. As a member of the Heritage Society, you will…

BE RECOGNIZED annually in the winter "Partners in Stewardship" listing of The Tartan.

RECEIVE a lapel pin, indentifying ribbon at Homecoming, and membership certificate.

BE INVITED to the annual "Kick-off" celebration for Belhaven faculty and staff in August.

We hope you will prayerfully consider how you could join the 100 Legacies for Belhaven Campaign. We are happy to offer counsel and ideas that would be best for your personal situation.


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