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Dr. Reid Bishop, Associate Professor of Chemistry

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Rachel Eason, Chemistry Major Robert Wright, Chemistry Major
Rodrigo Suarez, Chemistry Major Sixbert Muhoza, Chemistry Major
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Chemistry is a versatile science major and forms the basis of so many other scientific disciplines, leading to a variety of career opportunities. The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry will give students hands-on lab experience while studying different chemical principles. Students will interact with the most basic of topics to the most complex and take part in world-class research utilizing state-of-the-art chemical techniques.

The study of biology at Belhaven is a green, sustainable program and all classes have a worldview component, bridging the gap between biblical worldview and science.

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The Biology Department also advises students for a number of programs in the health-related professions: Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Pharmacy. These programs and the pre-requisite requirements are listed in the current catalogue on the Pre-Professional Programs page.