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Math Department Opportunities

Marion Davis Ridgway and Elise Davis Endowed Scholarship - This scholarship was established to honor the memory of Marion Davis Ridgway and Elise Davis. The Scholarship is designed to encourage exceptional students to pursue excellence in their undergraduate studies in science and math in the context of a comprehensive commitment to Biblical Christian faith while preparing to enter a career in the health professions. More info.

Belhaven Math Teams frequently compete in regional contests sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America or the Mathematical Contest in Modeling sponsored by COMAP. Teams have been ranked as successful participant, honorable mention, and meritorious.

The Belhaven Mathematics Club provides an avenue for Mathematics majors and minors to become better acquainted. It also provides a link between classroom mathematics and career mathematics as speakers who are professionals in the working world share aspects of job experiences as engineers, actuaries, biostatisticians, teachers, etc.

Math Club

This picture features Mathematics Club members gathering for a field trip to view and interact with flight simulators that are being used for training on the Air Force's C-17.

Career Opportunities:

Mathematics majors typically go into the fields of teaching, cryptography, biometry, actuarial sciences, statistics, or operations research. Math-related positions are available in government agencies, telecommunications, aerospace and other industries.

math club

Students in MAT 490, Mathematical Investigation, are shown with their instructor, Mrs. Smith, after presentation of their projects.