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Honors College

The Honors College at Belhaven University offers academically advanced students an opportunity to deepen and expand their education, both intellectually and spiritually. 

Honors College at Belhaven UniversityIf you are serious about your calling, enthusiastic about interdisciplinary dialogue, and have a past record of academic achievement you may enroll in Honors Colloquium. Students who have completed at least two semesters of Honors Colloquium with a grade of B or above are admitted to full standing as Fellows in the Honors College. 

Honors Colloquium is an interdisciplinary seminar that explores diverse topics from the humanities, sciences, and arts.  Through reading and round-table discussion with faculty and peers, you will hone your ability to critically evaluate ideas from a Christian perspective and articulate discerning responses.  Students who meet any of the following criteria may enroll in Honors Colloquium:

Students who meet the following requirements may grad uate with distinction as an Honors Fellow:

For more information, contact
Dr. Melissa Thorson Hause, Dean of the Honors College
or Belhaven University
Office of Admission
601-968-5940 or 1-800-960-5940