Fine Art Portfolio Requirements for Prospective Students

Submit 10-20 examples of artwork in any medium.

Select pieces that you believe to be the very best examples of your work.  It is not in your best interest to include any and everything you have ever attempted to work with.

Please do not include work that copies photographs, anime drawings, cartoons, video game characters, nothing from another artist’s work.

At least three (3) pieces should be drawings done from direct, life, observation.

From our experience, the single greatest omission from high school students art experiences is the lack of original drawings from direct observation.

A healthy, regular, sketchbook habit is also an important and revealing indication of a young artist’s potential.  Therefore, though most high school art students don’t usually keep a good sketchbook process going, we are very much interested in seeing whatever level of sketch booking you may have done.

We understand that many high school art interested students have been homeschooled, or attended public and/or private schools that have little or no high school level art training opportunities.  Please don’t let that discourage you from applying.  If you have not been introduced to foundational art training please contact us directly and we can offer you advice on how to proceed.  Many of our art majors have not had any formal training before coming into our program.

We would prefer to have you bring us your portfolio in person and to see the program first hand, but if that is not possible, you can email your portfolio to our art department chairman, Bob Pennebaker, at

You can also reach him for any inquiries on his cell phone at 601-397-0461.