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Joseph FrostJoseph Frost (2004) Chair of the Theatre Dept and Associate Professor of Theatre
BA Malone College
M.A., M.F.A., Regent University

Joseph Frost is an award-winning playwright and actor, having appeared on the stage as Charlie in The Foreigner, Henry in The Fantastics, Jake in Jake's Women, 42 people (including a car) in Gillette Elvgren's For the Least of These, and the Shakespearian roles of Bottom, Touchstone, Launcelot Gobbo and Hamlet. His plays have been presented around the country, including a short play van Gogh at an exhibit of the artist's work at the Chrysler Museum of Art, and two works The Great Play and DisEase performed at the 2003 Christians In Theatre Arts North American Conference. Joseph is a member of CITA and the Dramatists Guild of America, a participant in the annual Art Within Symposium for writers of faith, and the founding artistic director of the Floodlight Theatre Company.

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