University Goals and Data

The information below is provided to demonstrate some of the ways in which Belhaven University monitors institutional effectiveness and program quality.

  1. High Academic Goals: Each department is committed to high academic goals for its students and clarifies the implications of Biblical truth for it’s discipline.

1.1. Student Achievement: Students will be able to achieve the high academic goals set by program faculty to prepare students in their careers, their relationships, and the world of ideas.

1.1.1. Program Quality

1.2. Institutional Operations: Programs in the arts, programs in the world of business, and programs leading to professional certification will be able to meet or exceed the requirements for their respective national program accreditation.

1.2.1. Arts Accreditation

1.2.2. Business Accreditation

1.2.3. Licensure

  1. Variety of Learners: Belhaven upholds these commitments in offering undergraduate and graduate programs, by conventional or technological delivery modes, and in local, national, and international venues.

2.1.Student Achievement: Students will be able to successfully complete courses, semesters, and degrees in undergraduate and graduate programs, through conventional and technological means, and in local, national, and international venues.

2.1.1.Course Completion Rates

2.1.2.Retention Rates

2.1.3.Graduation Rates

2.2.Institutional Operations: Student enrollment will be able to increase in the institution as a whole and through the addition of new graduate programs and new online programs.

2.2.1.Enrollment (Headcount)

Program offerings by Delivery Mode