Campus Recreation Team

The Campus Recreation Team (CRT) exists to ensure that the department of intramurals and recreation is led with the same unique vision and mission of Belhaven University, by partnering with students to help fulfill and promote the mission in the spirit of the university motto, “to serve, not to be served.”

Campus Rec Team

CRT is made up of a diverse group of talented student leaders all committed to providing the highest quality recreational activities for Belhaven students, faculty and staff. If you would like to learn more about the Campus Recreation Team, contact the Coordinator of Student Leadership and Recreation at or call 601.965.7054.

Staff Information

Meet our staff! These individuals work together to create quality event programming on campus and provide leadership to the Campus Activities Team.


Drew Gardner, Coordinator of Student Leadership and Recreation
A Belhaven graduate, Drew received a degree in Communication with an emphasis in Electronic Communication. During his time at Belhaven, he participated in intramural sports, Belhaven Activities Team, and Reformed University Fellowship. He was also a Resident Assistant and Peer Leader. Drew leads the Campus Recreation Team (CRT) and the coordination of all recreational and intramural events as well as assisting with various aspects in the Office of Student Leadership, including New Student's Orientation, Chapel Administration, and leadership development.
Phone: 601-967-7054

Olivia Parks

Olivia Parks, Intramurals Coordinator
Hometown: Downers Grove, IL
Major: Social Work
Hobbies: Singing Adele, drawing, painting, spending time with people, intramurals!!!

What do you like most about Belhaven? Belhaven creates a unique learning experience compared to most universities.  With the size of the student body it is very easy to get involved and to make strong friendships with others all over the world.  I enjoy coming back to school because Belhaven has become my second home.

Why Campus Recreation? Campus Recreation Team is a great way for students to get involved with all the different types of students that make up Belhaven.  The work environment is fun, active and you are always interacting with your peers.  I am able to serve the student body by doing something that I love while building relationships and meeting new people everyday.

Phone: 601-965-7080
Office: Cleland Hall 103

Emily Fillman

Emily Fillman, Recreation Coordinator
Hometown:  Springfield, Va
Major/Minor:  Sports Medicine and Exercise Science Major, Dance Minor
Hobbies: Drawing, painting, playing guitar, and working out

What do you like most about Belhaven?  Belhaven has such a diverse population, which allows students to meet those with different interests and passions. Not only is it easy to get connected with your peers, but the faculty truly care for the students both academically and personally.

Why Campus Recreation? Health and fitness have become important areas in my life, and I have developed a growing interest in making wellness easy and accessible to everyone. Campus Recreation has provided me a platform to serve the student body in making fitness fun and welcoming to all Belhaven students.

Phone: 601-965-7080
Office: Cleland Hall 103