Campus Recreation Team

The Campus Recreation Team (CRT) exists to ensure that the department of intramurals and recreation is led with the same unique vision and mission of Belhaven University, by partnering with students to help fulfill and promote the mission in the spirit of the university motto, “to serve, not to be served.”

Campus Recreation Team

CRT is made up of a diverse group of talented student leaders all committed to providing the highest quality recreational activities for Belhaven students, faculty and staff. If you would like to learn more about the Campus Recreation Team, contact the Coordinator of Student Leadership and Recreation at or call 601.965.7054.

Staff Information

Meet our staff! These individuals work together to create quality event programming on campus and provide leadership to the Campus Activities Team.


Drew Gardner, Assistant Director of Student Leadership and Recreation
A Belhaven graduate, Drew received a degree in Communication with an emphasis in Electronic Communication. During his time at Belhaven, he participated in intramural sports, Belhaven Activities Team, and Reformed University Fellowship. He was also a Resident Assistant and Peer Leader. Drew leads the Campus Recreation Team (CRT) and the coordination of all recreational and intramural events as well as assisting with various aspects in the Office of Student Leadership, including New Student's Orientation, Chapel Administration, and leadership development.
Phone: 601-967-7054

Wendell Meyers

Wendell Meyers, Intramurals Coordinator
Hometown: New Orleans, LA and Douglasville, GA
Major:Business Administration major and Accounting major
Hobbies: eating, spending time with family and friends, any sport, running, and fishing

What do you like most about Belhaven? It’s a home away from home. Belhaven doesn’t feel like a school, it feels like a community. I know everyone’s face and everyone is approachable. The campus is also diverse and professors genuinely care for students.

Why Campus Recreation? Campus Recreation is one of the most engaging activities on campus. There is the potential to meet different groups of people, as well as compete for championships and titles. The sports can be serious at times, but a majority of the time it is hilarious to run around and throw dodge balls at people. For me, Campus Rec combines two of my favorite things in life: competition and people.

Phone: 601-965-7080
Office: Cleland Hall 103

Tamara Lairy

Tamera Lairy, Recreation Coordinator
Hometown:  Brandon, Miss.
Major/Minor:  Sports Medicine/ Exercise Science
Hobbies: Exercising, Painting, Watching Old Disney Movies, Reading, hanging out with Friends/Family

What do you like most about Belhaven?  I love the community-like atmosphere of Belhaven, and that there are more than just a few dedicated students here. I also love the availability of the Professors here. I can really tell that they care about the students and want to see us succeed.

Why Campus Recreation? Campus Recreation is one of the best ways to get involved on Belhaven Campus. It gives the students an opportunity to not only connect with other students, but also try new activities that they might not have ever gotten the chance to, or even thought about trying. I love the dynamic of Campus Recreation as a whole, and I am excited to see what more it will be able to bring to Belhaven this year.

Phone: 601-965-7080
Office: Cleland Hall 103