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Gillespie Hall

This $5.8 million women’s residence hall was constructed in 1998 and houses 144 women. There are two styles of rooms in Gillespie; the majority of rooms are large, double occupancy rooms that share a private bathroom with a connecting double occupancy room. There are also two suites of privates on each floor in which four small single occupancy rooms share a living area and private bathroom; these rooms are typically reserved for upper-classmen. Two Resident Assistants live on each floor, and a professional Resident Director lives on the second floor.

The central figure of the lounge is a staircase that cascades down the center of the building connecting the main lounge on the first floor with the second floor reception area, third floor study rooms, and the fourth floor kitchen. This four-story atrium looks out on the fountains of Belhaven Lake and provides a wonderful setting for studying or relaxing. Additional amenities include two laundry rooms (one on the first floor and one on the fourth), an elevator, a first floor vending area, and public restrooms near the second floor reception area.

Gillespie Hall is named for Belhaven's fifth president, The Reverend Dr. Guy T. Gillespie, who served from 1921 until his retirement in 1954. Under Dr. Gillespie’s leadership, Belhaven saw tremendous growth in academics, enrollment, and campus facilities. Dr. Gillespie’s unwavering commitment and perseverance during his tenure enabled Belhaven to earn full accreditation, create an endowment fund and offer scholarship aid to students despite serious financial limitations due to depression and war. Under Dr. Gillespie’s direction, the school was virtually rebuilt following a devastating fire in 1927 that destroyed the main building and most of its contents.

Gillespie Hall

Description of standard two-person Gillespie rooms:

2 Desks

  • Outside Dimensions – 29.5” H, 42” W, 24” D
  • Two Side Drawers (Inside dimensions) – 20” D, 12.5” W, 4” H
  • One Side Drawer (Inside dimensions) – 20” D, 12.5” W, 10” H

2 Dressers:

  • Outside Dimensions – 29.5” H, 36” W, 24” D
  • Two Drawers (Inside dimensions) – 32.5” W, 20” D, 4” H
  • One Drawer (Inside dimensions) – 32.5” W, 20” D, 9” H

2 Bookshelves:

  • Outside Dimensions – 30” H, 36” W, 10” D
  • 2 Shelves – Top shelf has 13” height; bottom shelf has 12” height

2 Desk Chairs with green upholstery.

2 Beds

  • 85” long, 38” W, 72” tall
  • Beds are adjustable from 3” to 66” above the floor
  • 80” extra-long mattresses – require extra-long twin sheets

Window:  64” W, 60” H
Window Covering:  Mini-blinds
Closet:  46” W rod;  double-W swinging doors
Closet Shelf:  46” H, 15” D
Number of outlets:  7
Floor:  Off-white tile
Phone:  1 phone line with 2 jacks
Internet:  Two hardwired T-1 lines and building-wide wireless access.
Mirror above room sink
2 Towel bars

Blueprint of standard two-person Gillespie Rooms

Gillespie Hall blueprint

Click on image to see an enlarged view of the room layout and dimensions.

Gillespie Hall is a women's residence facility.

For specific details of the room, see the paragraphs below.

*  All measurements and details are approximate.  Some rooms may vary from the standard.

Gillespie Private Room Quad

Gillespie Small

Click on image to see an enlarged view of the room layout and dimensions of a private room quad.  Gillespie Hall is a women's residence facility.  For specific details of the room, see the adjacent paragraph.

Description of Gillespie private room quad:

Private rooms contain the furniture listed below.  Their dimensions are the same as those of a standard room listed above with the exceptions of a different style of bookshelf and bed.
1 Desk
1 Dresser
1 Bookshelf:
     Bookshelf fits on top of the desk and is the same width.  It has one shelf set above the desk.
1 Desk Chair
1 Bed - loftable:
     85" long, 38" W, 72" tall
     Bed is adjustable from 3" to 66" above the floor
     80" extra-long mattress - requires extra-long twin sheets
Window:  32" W, 60" H
Window Covering:  Mini-blinds
Closet:  39" rod
Closet Shelf:  39" H, 15" D
Number of outlets: 4
Floor:  Off-white tile
Phone:  One line
Internet:  One T-1 line and building-wide wireless access.
Mirror is in the bathroom area above the sinks
Towel bars are in the bathroom area and one in each room