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Catalogue: Traditional Program:
Courses of Instruction

Numbering of Courses

A hyphenated course (e.g. 101-102) is one that continues throughout the year, the second semester of which has as a prerequisite the first semester. A non-hyphenated course (e.g. 101, 102) is one that continues throughout the year, the second semester of which does not have as a prerequisite the first semester.

Generally first semester courses are represented by odd numbers; second semester by even numbers.

Offering of Courses

Belhaven University reserves the right to cancel any course for which there is an enrollment of fewer than five students.

Credit hours are indicated in parentheses following course titles.

Divisions of Instruction

Division of the Arts
   Arts Administration
   Creative Writing
   Graphic Design
   Interdisciplinary Studies

Division of Education
   Elementary Education
   Physical Education
Division of Business Administration
   Business Administration
   Sports Administration
Division of Ministry and Human Services
   Biblical Studies and Ministries
   Family Studies
   International Studies
   Social Work

Division of Humanities
   Classical Education Studies
   Foreign Languages
   Philosophy of Worldviews
   Political Science
   Specialized Communication

Division of Natural Science
   Sports Medicine: Exercise Science
   Council Studies
   Honors Colloquium
   Leadership Studies

Departmental Abbreviations

Accounting ACC
Arts Administration AAD
Biblical Studies and Ministries BIB
Biology BIO
Business Administration BUS
Chemistry CHE
Classical Education Studies CES
Communication COM
Council Studies COS
Creative Writing CWR
Dance DAN
Economics ECO
Education EDU
English ENG
English as a Second Language ESL
Family Studies FAM
French FRE
Geography GEO
German GER
Graphic Design GDS
Greek GRE
Health and P.E. HPE
History HIS
Honors Colloquium HNS
Humanities HUM
Interdisciplinary Studies IDS
International Studies IST
Leadership Studies LDS
Mathematics MAT
Music MUS
Nursing (BSN) NUR
Nursing (RN-BSN) NRN
Philosophy of Worldviews PHI
Physics PHY
Political Science PSC
Psychology PSY
Reading REA
Sociology SOC
Social Work SWK
Spanish SPA
Specialized Communication SPC
Sports Administration SAM
Sports Medicine and Exercise Science SME
Theatre THE
Worldview Curriculum WVC