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DOXA, Dance Club, Belhaven University

Doxa (Dance Club)

The purpose of Doxa, which means "praise" in Greek, is to encourage the development and use of our talents and interests for the glory of God through service to other members and the community, and to provide fellowship and support for the Belhaven University Dance Department.

Doxa is a student-run organization that meets monthly. Membership is open to anyone enrolled at Belhaven University, and dues are five dollars per semester. Doxa plans activities, outreaches, creative worship sessions, prayer ministries, improvisation sessions, and also co-sponsors master classes and workshops.

Each semester, the Doxa Concert is a student-produced event that provides the opportunity to present student choreography to the public. The officers of Doxa have the right and responsibility to audition and approve all pieces to assure that they are in agreement with the Belhaven University mission statement, and to ensure quality and excellence of the choreography presented. The concert is not related to any course at Belhaven University, but students may use material from their courses.

Doxa Officers 2013-2014

President Hudson Frisby
Vice President Edward DeShane
Secretary Marian Bayer
Treasurer Gabriel Speiller
Chaplains Matthew Palfenier and Arianna Marcell
Public Relations Officer Carleigh Chitwood
Production Manager Hannah Stoltenberg
Faculty Advisor Cynthia Newland