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Fitzhugh Renovations

Fitzhugh Renovation

Recent photo of Fitzhugh Hall taken on 3/22/13.

For over 100 years, students have lived and learned in Fitzhugh Hall —a building which is not simply a place, but literally the heartbeat of campus.  Over the years, Fitzhugh has housed residence hall rooms, academic classrooms, a swimming pool, a coffee shop, the home economics department, faculty and administrative offices, science and math labs, our technology equipment, and athletic offices.  Fitzhugh Hall has literally had as many different uses as it has years!

Today, due to a serious water leak under the east wing of the building that washed away a portion of the foundation, we have seen both the north and south walls dramatically shift away from the second and third floors.  In fact, the situation has become so severe that we were advised by the structural engineers that the entire east wing would need to come down.  But all along, the Lord is working a plan bigger that we could imagine!

Listen to the June2012 update from Dr. Roger Parrott as he shares the future of Fitzhugh Hall.


This video, taken in December 2011 with Dr. Roger Parrott, shows the deterioration of Fitzhugh Hall.

Fitzhugh Hall —If these walls could talk, the stories they would tell. In this modern digital age of websites, Facebook and blogs the walls can talk, through the stories of students, faculty and staff who lived their lives around this 100-year-old building on Peachtree Street.

Tell us how Fitzhugh Hall played a role in your life. Whether Fitzhugh represents work or play, here's your chance to tell the world your memories in Fitzhugh and its significance. Did you propose on its steps or just read on them? Was it a place of sanctuary away from the chaos or was it the center of your social life. Was Fitzhugh your residence hall or your office space?

Visit our Inside Belhaven Blog and tell us your personal story about the impact Fitzhugh Hall had on you.

Fitzhugh Hall at Belhaven University