Dual Enrollment: High Scholars

Belhaven High Scholars is a Western Civilization humanities curriculum developed by Belhaven University and offered to high school students online through TPS - The Potter’s School. This classical program integrates western history, literature, composition (writing), and art appreciation into a two-year dual enrollment "Great Books" or "omnibus" curriculum which provides a total of 6 high school credits and 24 college credits. It emphasizes discussion and dialogue over memorization of information, and the efficient integration allows for a lower workload than if similar courses were taken individually.

Each year is taught in four live classes per week. Belhaven High Scholars is available to upper high school students with good writing skills - no prior classical humanities background is necessary. For more information:

Belhaven High Scholars - program details and enrollment

The Potter’s School (TPS) - The Potter’s School provides live on-line core academic courses for grades 4 through early college.

TPS also offers other dual enrollment courses that receive college credit from Belhaven University. Should students want college credit for dual-enrollment courses, Belhaven will provide a transcript for a fee. To apply, follow these steps...

  • Create a profile.  To apply, you must first create a profile. Creating a profile allows you to save, exit and return to the application without losing any of your information. NOTE: On the profile page, choose The Potter’s School Online as the location, The Potter’s School as the academic program, and next Entry Term option.
  • At the top of the next page choose Apply Online. Then choose Start a new Traditional Undergraduate Application. Under enrollment plans for the question "I plan to enroll as a" choose Dual Enrollment. In the Education section, choose: Virginia as the State, Springfield for the City, and TPS- The Potter’s School for the school.
  • Pay the $25 application fee online.
  • After submitting the application, send an e-mail to support@pottersschool.org requesting that TPS forward grades to Belhaven. E-mail must be from the family primary email address and must list the student’s name and specific courses requested. E-mail must be separate from other administrative or technical requests.

TPS Dual Credit Courses - in partnership with Belhaven University