Associate of Arts for High Scholars

Do you know you can expand your High Scholars experience to achieve an Associate of Arts degree from Belhaven University? Stay home, save money and choose from an awesome menu of courses. Join us and get started today!

The following degree plan is especially attractive to home school families familiar with the teaching of Jeff Myers, John Stonestreet, and The Potter’s School. However, there are many other excellent course options to choose from. We look forward to helping you design the academic plan that best fits your personal needs.

Associate of Arts Degree (AA)
Course # Course Name Provider Credits
ART215 Art Appreciation BHS 3
HIS107 Western Civilization 1 BHS 3
HIS108 Western Civilization 2 BHS 3
HIS205 Contemporary World History BHS 3
ENG101 Freshman English 1 BHS 3
ENG102 Freshman English 2 BHS 3
ENG203 Survey of World Literature 1 BHS 3
ENG204 Survey of World Literature 2 BHS 3
Total High Scholars 24
BIB214 Old Testament History BU 3
BIB215 New Testament History BU 3
Science TPS or BU 4
Math TPS or BU 3
Total Additional Required Courses 13
BU Online
Study Abroad
Total Remaining Credits Needed 25
Final Total for your AA from Belhaven University 62

Key to Providers:

Belhaven works with The Potter’s School to deliver high quality curriculum using proven online delivery systems.  View the University Catalogue for information about the online Associate of Arts program at Belhaven.