What High Scholars Alumni Say...

"High Scholars has been such an incredible learning experience for me. I have never felt more confident in what I believe, and that has been so important to me in preparing for college. So thank you!
Catherine ~ China

"I am so grateful I took high scholars now that I am in college because it prepared me for all of my classes! I am a freshman studying nursing at the University of Iowa right now. I miss all of my high scholars teachers and classmates!"
Sasha ~ Russia

"High Scholars equipped me with a wide scope of knowledge. It helped me develop a strong worldview and gave me the tools I need to understand the world around me. I met great friends and look forward to seeing them become future world-changers! Understanding each of the worldview indicators and how they affect me personally has made an immeasurable impact on my life."
Rebekah ~ GA

"I wish every student had the opportunity to experience Western Civilization as I have with the High Scholars program. It is a program that not only gives, but also requires its participants to give back. Besides studying history, geography, literature, and culture in a meaningful way thatcan be directly applied to my own life, High Scholars has also taught me to articulate my own beliefs and convictions regarding complex and critical issues humanity has faced from the beginning of time. It accomplishes its goal of equipping students not only with facts and knowledge, but the understanding, wisdom, and skills to rightly apply the knowledge. As a result, I shall not soon forget the people or lessons of High Scholars. "
Grace ~ VA

"I could write a PAPER on it=P but I shan't. I'll just say that I LOVED High Scholars, the way they presented the information with a strong biblical view, the way they presented it in a non-boring fashion with different activities, visual lectures, audio, and interaction QUAD time. It was a perfect match of everything=) It was a tremendous learning experience in all three areas (History, Literature and Culture). I will never regret taking this class. I made good friends through it and got to practice a bit of leadership and teamwork=) it was great! Also, the teachers were fantastic=) You're my hero Mrs. Lee! You were SO much fun to work with!"
Josiah ~ IL

"High Scholars is a wonderful course that challenged me as a student and helped give me a very solid foundation and understanding of the Biblical World View. It has prepared me to be able to explain my faith to others and helped equip me with the information I will need to make a difference for my Heavenly Father's Glory. All in all, my experience with High Scholars was one I'm so very thankful I had! It taught me a lot about my own strengths and weaknesses, as well as introduced me to a whole different view of education. The academic side of the program pushed and challenged me, which I'm very glad for as it gave me a small taste of what college will be like. However, my favorite part about this year was the opportunity to be in a class with students from literally all over the world! I've never seen most of them face-to-face, yet that didn't stop us from developing great friendships and wonderful memories. For me, that was truly the icing on the cake to this unique and enjoyable year!"
Ava ~ TX

"The High Scholars Western Civ. and Worldviews class was one of the most enjoyable classes that I took in all four years of high school. Many online courses allow students to be passive and skate by without doing much work at all while the teachers are distant and unavailable for questions or extraneous help. High Scholars was quite challenging and engaging, and the teachers and faculty made themselves available for all of the students' needs. I emerged with a clear picture of the progression of civilization, the differences in worldviews and their effects on cultures, and the direct connection of religious beliefs with developments in art, science, philosophy, medicine, technology, and each different aspect of life. I was challenged to think about what I really believed, sharpened by discussions with fellow students on the Quad, and given the tools to think and reason through the lens of a Christian Worldview."
Rebekah ~ CO

"I have greatly enjoyed my experience with High Scholars and I feel deeply knowledgeable about many issues I didn't even know existed before. I have enjoyed being able to listen to sophisticated conversations and not only know what is being discussed, but also my new found ability to relate it back to a point in history and know when and where those ideas originated. Learning not only when civilizations rose and fell and what was accomplished during the in-between period but also how its people thought and felt was incredibly helpful and greatly improved my ability to distinctly remember those cultures. As far as art goes, I have traveled to Europe and seen many of the greatest works of art here on earth - but because of High Scholars I now appreciate them so much more. I used to be dragged to art museums - now I can't wait to go back and see all these magnificent pieces through brand new eyes. -The lectures were interesting and the homework really helped prepare me for the interesting discussions on the quad. Definitely my favorite courses in high school! Right now I'm actually in a Philosophy class on Contemporary Moral Issues, and it's been so amazing to see the way God prepared me for the debates and discussions through Belhaven! The peace of mind that has come from knowing what, and more importantly, WHY I believe what I believe about morality has really come into play so much, and I've approached every discussion with confidence. Hopefully I'll be able to use that to influence some of the other students who don't really have a strong basis for or belief in objective morals! Thank you."
Catherine ~ TX A&M Student

" I really love how we make connections between what we are studying and our own lives in our own modern culture. That really helps us to see how to apply what we are learning and gives us tools to think critically about the modern world. As Mrs. Foncree said in one of the lectures we must always go back and ask 'What does the Scripture teach?' in order to determine what is true, genuine and good. Teaching us to ask and answer this question is the goal of this excellent program."
Ana ~NY

"I just wanted to thank you because the Belhaven program was a true blessing for me, and I'm realizing now how helpful it is! University presents a whole array of new mentalities and new religions that as a Christian, you want to be careful of. It's crazy to see how Satan's lies are subtly presented in the classrooms every day, and even crazier to see how appealing they are made to sound! Although it was quite a journey, I'm so thankful today for having the opportunity of taking this two-year course that allowed me to be so grounded in my faith. Throughout the years, we studied all these different cultures and religions and compared them to Christianity. Having to conclude time after time, after time, that God's word really is the best, truly helped me realize that He is the one and only truth! Today, I'm quite happy to sit in class, and to know when I'm being told a lie. Even better, I know the truth!"
Bethany ~ Canada