What High Scholars Students Say...

"I love the way High Scholars teaches us about a culture's literature, art, and history through a Biblical lens.  One of the things that I've taken away from this course is God's supremacy and authority throughout history.  High Scholars has given me a more comprehensive and detailed view of past civilizations because we learn about a people through three different mediums.  This has helped me view the peoples we've studied as real cultures, and not just a lot of dry history."
Grace ~ VA

"It's a great way to learn Christian Worldview in a safe environment.  Without studying the world's history, literature, and culture, we're completely unprepared to defend our faith.  This class offers a Christian perspective in a secular world without criticism.  It's also an amazing way to make friends.  I've made great friends with everyone in my class and absolutely love their different personalities, humor, and accents.  I never expected to enjoy it so much, but every day we have class I get really excited to hear the voices of those who have become some of my best friends.  It's impossible not to enjoy the company of people who have so much in common with you.  These classes are my all-time favorites by far! "
Chandler ~ TX

"High Scholars has allowed me to compare and contrast what I believe with the worldviews of other cultures.  This gives me, as a student, the opportunity to solidify my faith in Christ and appreciate my Savior in a new light."
Danielle ~ Venezuela

"I absolutely LOVE the Belhaven HS course!  The way the instructors incorporate teaching about Western Culture, History, Geography and literature with the comparison of both the culture's worldview and Jesus's, has helped me strengthen my faith and grow in my relationship with God while gaining a deeper understanding of Western Civilization."
Ariella, NY

"What I enjoy the most about High Scholars are the QUAD discussions.  It is one thing to study material and know it, but it is another to study it and discuss it.  I feel that instead of just knowing the material I have developed a relationship with what we are studying."
Emily ~ Iowa

"Belhaven gives me the opportunity to learn about everything in one package.  So many times I've done art, literature, and history separate, but with Belhaven everything is tied together so that I learn to my maximum potential."
Emma ~ NC

"I love that we get to learn about a culture's literature, art, and history all at once.  You can really get a feel for what it would've been like to live in that civilization."
Emily ~ VA

"Thank you so much for always filling Quad times with so much fun!  I look forward to every Monday for that reason."
Rachel ~ MS

"I've never felt pushed in other classes, and I've had to solo-study my pet topics.  In BHS I feel challenged, but not over my head, and it's nice to be surrounded by like-minded students.  Thank you so much for making this program available."
Shannon ~ NY