About High Scholars

A Short History of Belhaven High Scholars

High Scholars is a two-year dual enrollment course of study modeled after Belhaven University's core Worldview Curriculum. Dr. Daniel Fredericks, Belhaven's Senior Vice President and Provost, created the program. Dr. Fredericks has degrees in philosophy, biblical languages, and theology. Belhaven's Worldview Program has been used successfully to educate thousands of students in a biblical view of life and academics. A home school father of four, Dr. Fredericks has long felt that a similar approach would be ideal for high school students as they prepare to meet the challenges of college and young adulthood while earning college credit.

Course Overview

In High Scholars, subjects like history, geography, philosophy, literature, composition, and the arts are not compartmentalized, as is usually the case in traditional education. These subjects are presented as one set of interconnected disciplines. In each subject, students are encouraged to bring every thought under the authority of biblical principles. Students compare and contrast the Christian worldview with the other systems of thought that have impacted Western history and continue to influence present day thinking.

Using "worldview indicators", students critique the worldview of each culture in light of biblical truth. Students look at peoples' ideas about God, nature, humanity, morals, and society, examining differing views and their consequences.

Engaging lectures with power points and study guides prepared by Belhaven University professors provide core course information. Weekly assignments prepare students for live class discussions where students tackle important philosophical, political, ethical, and spiritual issues.

The opportunity to participate in meaningful dialogue with peers makes these classes life changing. This unique approach teaches students the value of their Christian worldview for personal growth, the shaping of cultural moral values, and the building of prosperous and healthy communities. The extensive feedback and mentoring they receive from our deeply committed Christian faculty prepares them for a lifetime of learning and personal growth. High Scholars students are typically self-motivated with an interest in developing academic and character strengths that will prepare them for Kingdom leadership.

Course Description

HISTORY and WORLDVIEW: Students study the great cultures that led to the flowering of Western Civilization. They examine the geography and natural resources, history and worldview of each culture, acknowledging human accomplishments and exploring the human predicament. Five "Worldview Indicators" are used to view each culture's views of God, nature, humanity, morals, and society. The excellence of the Scriptures shines through as we see God's wisdom and discover the blessings of living according to the principles of God's Word.

LITERATURE AND COMPOSITION: A people's worldview influences the content and style of their literature. Literature, in turn, often helps define the way people look at the world. So a person's understanding of culture, history and worldviews is enhanced through the study of literature. Systematic teaching and application of literary terms, exposure to different genres of writing, and sharpening of composition and research skills are included in this course.

ART APPRECIATION: This course introduces students to methods of visual analysis, provides explorations into exemplary artifacts, and gives them an understanding of the worldviews of past and present cultures contained within art. Students study form, function, and content to determine how a worldview is shown through art. Works of art are analyzed in light of the Christian perspective. This course complements and enhances the other two segments of the High Scholars program.

Class Procedures

It is important that students follow the sequence of study as outlined by the instructors. Each week students view video lectures prepared in advance by Belhaven University's own professors. Students are expected to take notes and fill out objectives while viewing these lectures. They will meet with their classmates and instructors twice a week for 90 minutes in a web conferencing classroom. This is a dynamic time of live discussion and thought-provoking activities to reinforce the homework and lectures. Students are expected to actively participate on-mic during this time. Occasionally students will be asked to work on a task with teammates. Three major projects integrating all subject areas are completed during the two-year course. These require individual research papers to be submitted in each subject and a team presentation delivered to the class and instructors.

Methods of Evaluation

Students are challenged to learn the facts, make meaningful connections, and communicate their analysis in a clear and concise way. Student performance will be evaluated in several ways during the semester, including the following:

  • Weekly Writing and Homework Assignments
  • Quizzes, Midterm, and Final Exams
  • On-mic Discussion and Forum Participation
  • Research papers and team projects

Contact us at hsdualenroll@belhaven.edu or call 601-968-5942 for more information.