Dual Credit Admission

Our flexible one and two year Dual Enrollment programs allow qualified students to receive college credit while still in high school. The student's transcript is from Belhaven University and credits are transferable to other accredited colleges and universities.

To apply for this dual credit opportunity you must complete the following requirements:

  1. Fill out Belhaven's online application. Make sure to indicate which year and section you prefer. Please write your 2nd choice in the notes section.
  2. Submit the Authorization to Release Information Form.
  3. Submit a signed High School transcript. This transcript can be created and signed by the parent if Home Schooled. You do not need to wait until the end of the current school year for this. Just list the in progress grades.
  4. Submit official academic transcripts from all higher education institutions attended (if any). You may download a transcript request form from our website.
  5. Provide a letter of recommendation. An essay and/or interview may be requested if student does not meet minimum requirements for acceptance.
  6. Submit an official ACT or SAT score report. Belhaven's ACT institutional code is 2180; its SAT code is 1055. Testing information can be found by clicking on ACT or CollegeBoard. If your student has not taken one of these exams, please indicate on the application the date in which one of them will be taken.
  7. Belhaven accepts the The Classical Learning Test (CLT) as an alternative to the ACT and SAT. The equivalent minimum score for the CLT is a 65.  Learn more at www.cltexam.com
  8. Computer Requirements: Students taking online courses are responsible for having the required hardware and software prior to each term start date.

Dual Enroll at Belhaven*Danny Shaw is our High Scholars admission counselor. He will help you with the Belhaven Dual Enrollment Admission Process. You may contact him directly at dshaw@belhaven.edu or 800-960-5940.

Send documents to:
Office of Admission
1500 Peachtree St. Box 153
Jackson, MS 39202