High Scholars Faculty

Dear Students and Parents,
I would like to introduce you to the developers and instructors of the High Scholars Curriculum.

Mr. Chris Bonner teaches English for both Year One and Year Two students.  This is his fourth year with us, and we are delighted to have him on our team.  Students find his winsome personality and keen insights invaluable!  Chris is a homeschool graduate, Belhaven University alum, and the father of two young children.  Chris and his wife live in Tyler, TX.
Rose Mary Foncree Mrs. Rose Mary Foncree helped to develop the English part of BHS.  You will see her in some of the video lectures and if you visit Belhaven, she will want to meet you!  She teaches a full load at the Belhaven University Jackson campus where she is typically a favorite teacher.  She always has time for everyone in spite of her busy schedule.
Nancy Lee Mrs. Nancy Lee helped to develop the history portion of the High Scholars program and will teach Year Two students this year. You are going to enjoy lively discussions with Mrs. Lee on the Quad!  Her positive energy and enthusiasm will have you cheering for the accomplishments of Western Civilization and will challenge you to “make God’s name great” in your own time.  Mrs. Lee lives in Maryland.
Anna Pair Mrs. Anna Pair teaches all of the Year One history sections.  She is excited about history and worldview and loves the fresh perspectives and engaging discussions that happen every week on the Quad. Anna is the second oldest in a homeschool family of nine children, an Auburn University alum, and this is her fourth year teaching with us. She and her husband have two young children and live in Auburn, AL.
Kim Priesmeyer Dr. Kim Priesmeyer helped to develop the BHS English material and will be teaching several Year One sections this year. She has 25 years of teaching experience at both the high school and college levels. As the mother of two teenage daughters there isn’t much that gets by her!  You will find her composition lectures and Quad feedback invaluable.  Dr. Priesmeyer is a professor at Belhaven’s Houston Campus and lives in Katy, TX.
Randall Smith Dr. Randy Smith is one of the Year One Fall Semester literature lecturers.  You will enjoy the warmth and instruction he gives to these videos.  Dr. Smith teaches full time on the Jackson campus and is the developer and Chair of our Creative Writing Program.
Nate Theisen Mr. Nate Theisen developed the culture portion of the High Scholars program and his art analysis lectures will be a highlight of your week. He will also be facilitating several sections this year. His breadth of knowledge is truly amazing so don’t be afraid to ask him a question on any subject. Mr. Theisen and his wife home school their two children and live in Jackson, MS.
Jon Tyson Mr. Jon Tyson, teaches Year One Culture.  He loves his subject and loves to teach.  Mr. Tyson has lots of experience teaching both high school and college students and he is the father of twins. You are going to have a lot of fun and learn a lot with him.  Mr. Tyson lives in Jackson, MS.