What High Scholars Parents Say...

"Our daughters often speak of High Scholars. They refer to it as the best part of their high school education."
Kirsten Carter ~ Ohio

"Home/blended schooling is popular within the military community due to regular moving and Christian focus - We really appreciate the interaction and mentoring aspect of your program. God has used the HS to challenge, enlighten and focus my son. He is now in his second year, which can lead to up to 24 college credits... The blend of history, culture and original-source literature are providing him a holistic view of the facts, religion and philosophy throughout history. He is integrating these views throughout history into a better understanding of current events and his personal walk with Christ."
Eric Wills ~ Germany

"We have seen Connor take much more initiative and he has had to plan better in order to be successful. He has jumped in his self discipline. The deadlines for submission are very good because it has forced him to be on top of what needs to be sent in. Thanks for being open to communicating with the families."
Marcia Grzsiak ~ Australia

"The Belhaven High Scholars course was, by far, the most excellent program my daughter has experienced. My only regret is that is wasn't available for my other children. Keep up the excellent work!"
Diana Mertens ~ Illinois

"Thanks so so, SO much for your support and encouragement. I have been recommending Belhaven highly for it's Worldview program because I know that in this postmodern era, a worldview program like this is very exceptional. Please continue praying for Beth's walk and commitment to the Lord as she embarks on this new phase of her life. I trust the Lord, knowing that you and your High Scholar's team have been instrumental in assisting us as parents of young adults to "train " them "in the way they should go."
Kelly Wagner ~ Canada

"Your program has been a blessing to us because of the wonderful content and all she is learning as well as it being a natural next step after she did so well in TPS English 1, 2, and 3. Potter's and Belhaven have been a TREMENDOUS blessing to us in your ability to challenge her at a high enough level without having her step onto a college campus at a young age. Thank you for being there as a faculty to accept, nurture, and educate her. I never give Hannah any help with any Belhaven assignments - she reads, listens, writes, thinks, edits, and plans her schedule all on her own, which is another blessing."
Laura Gill ~ Missouri

"I was told when I met with an admissions counselor that 100% of Cody's Belhaven transcript would transfer to WJU and he would likely enter as a sophomore (credit wise---still a freshman as is their school policy, but he could finish in 3 years if he chooses to, thanks to Belhaven). We will keep you posted. I just wanted you to know that the contribution your expert faculty made to Cody's academic development and Christian walk was profound and not without notice by me (his dad). He really blossomed in your program. You taught him critical thinking, nurtured his writing ability, challenged him academically, and frankly he is a very broad thinker with a deep base of knowledge of history and culture, thanks to Belhaven. We couldn't have completed his homeschooling as effectively without your excellent curriculum, faculty, and training. Thanks a million times over. You have deeply impacted the world for Christ through your educational contributions to Cody. We are forever in your debt. "
Robert Cantrell ~ California

"I had the privilege of listening in on presentations on Tuesday. Amazing!! I just loved the way you walked the students through the process of how to work in a group and create outstanding presentations. It was so empowering for my daughter to be appointed as the team leader. Thank you for recognizing and bringing out her potential in a way that most educators rarely do. I greatly appreciate how you gave specific tasks and deadlines for each member of the group. We have participated in many co-ops but High Scholars holds the gold standard. My whole aim now in my homeschooling choices is to prepare my younger daughter for High Scholars. You are motivating us in the present and equipping our children for their future! Thank you so much."
Lisa Pinkham ~ Virginia