Our Partners

Belhaven is pleased to join with these three outstanding organizations to provide additional college credits to our High Scholars students. Please consult one of our Belhaven admission counselors to see how The Potter's School, and Summit Ministries can benefit you.

The Potter's School under the guidance of its founder and director, Jeff Gilbert, was the first on-line school to provide live interactive web classes to home school families. The Potter's School continues to offer an expanding menu of high school courses adhering to high academic standards and taught from a biblical perspective. High Scholars students are invited to participate in all TPS field trips, both in the U.S. and overseas.

Summit Ministries is an educational Christian ministry founded by Dr. David Noebel and currently headed by Dr. Jeff Myers. Summit conferences and training programs have long provided a strong defense against the post modern thinking that so often robs our young people of their faith and courage. Over the years, hundreds of young adults have made their way to Summit workshops in Colorado Springs and left equipped to defend their faith and make a difference in the world around them.

Summit Oxford is a program of Summit Ministries that allows students to experience the educational rigor of the Oxford tutorial, the worldview approach of Summit Ministries, and the academic environment of living on the Oxford University campus. We encourage our students to aspire to this extraordinary opportunity.