High Scholars Tuition

High Scholars 2018-2019
(with college credit)

Year 1

Year 2
Tuition after High Scholars Scholarship $2,875.00 $2,875.00

The High Scholars tuition is approximately 50% lower than the traditional cost per credit hour, providing a significant value for our home school high school and gap year students!

Students are responsible for purchasing their own textbooks. Visit the Book List page for specific textbook information. It is important that you purchase the correct edition or the page numbers will not correspond to the ones assigned. Our faculty will not adjust page numbers for non-recommended editions.

The video lectures, web conferencing software, and online university library are included in your tuition fee. Additionally our High Scholars students receive free admission to all Belhaven dance, music and theater performances. The on-campus library, the Wynn Kenyon Think Center, and the writing lab are also available to local students.

Once you have been accepted, you will receive a username and password to log in to the Belhaven BlazeNet student portal. This will allow you to access information regarding the University, as well as your individual student account information.

Billing information can be found on the BlazeNet student portal, under the Self-Service Menu. Choose Financial Information, then View Account. Tuition is billed at the beginning of the semester. Invoices are not mailed out, however a statement is available on BlazeNet (from View Account, on the right-hand side, you can choose View Statement).

Our student accounts office is available to assist you with any questions you may have, including payments and payment plans. Please call 601-968-5933 or send an email to studentaccounts@belhaven.edu.