Master of Ministry Leadership

The unique delivery of this 30-hour Master of Ministry Leadership Degree (MML) allows you to stay in your current role while learning face-to-face through three ‘iron-sharpens-iron’ intensive one-week seminars spaced throughout the 18-month program, plus learning at home through online teaching from some of the world’s leading experts, while tackling class projects that are applicable to your ministry work right now.

The Graduate Certificate in Ministry Leadership is available for students wishing a shorter program.

The Master of Ministry Leadership degree is not a typical collection of 10 courses built around predictable leadership topics. Instead, we researched the leading ministry organizational and church leaders to understand the qualities they are looking for in future leaders. We identified 128 competencies vital for leadership success including:

  • How God has ‘wired you’ for your unique leadership style
  • The fine art of building consensus
  • Hiring, firing, equipping, and evaluating employees
  • Long-range planning that doesn’t drain the life from your ministry
  • Getting the most from board meetings and board members
  • Efficient fund-raising for ministry
  • Balancing the inter-connectedness of your multiple constituencies
  • The value of prioritizing mentoring relationships
  • Best practices in social media communication
  • Leading complex systems
  • Budgeting, audits, and financial management
  • Managing change in a rapidly transitioning environment
  • Building, leading, and sustaining effective teams
  • Winning techniques for conflict management
  • Recognizing and understanding current trends, the implications for the shape of the future, and how to be ready… and the 113 other specific competencies most important to ministry leaders

Belhaven’s graduate degree in Ministry Leadership will begin with deep self-evaluation of your individual leadership gifts, style, and challenges. And after you grapple with the big leadership ideas as your studies program gains momentum, you’ll be paired with a senior mentor to learn deeper insights and confidentially evaluate your toughest challenges in leadership.

You will study courses like these:

  • Knowing Who You Are as a Leader - Discovering and Leading in Your Zone of Excellence
  • The Kingdom You Serve - The Broad Scope of Kingdom Leadership
  • Building, Leading, and Sustaining a Dynamic Organization
  • Raising, Managing, and Making Effective Use of Financial Resources
  • Helping Volunteers, Teams, and Individuals Work Together Productively
  • Understanding and Reaching Markets for Your Message and Ministry

... and much more!

The Belhaven Master of Ministry Leadership degree is both practical and affordable for your church or ministry organization:

  • $16,050 full program tuition (books, resources, and travel not included)
  • Federal Financial Aid is available for qualified applicants
  • Local church/ministry organization covenant allows tuition to be paid over 4 years