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Auditions for Admission into Music at Belhaven University

Students interested in auditioning should contact the office of admission to sign up for the Discover Day. Please inform your admission counselor that you are interested in auditioning with the Music Department. Please email with the date of the Discover Day you will be auditioning, your primary instrument, the degree you are seeking, and ensembles you are interested in joining. You may download the appropriate application below and return to the Music Department on or before the date of your audition.

If you are unable to make the audition date, please contact Dr. Stephen W. Sachs at to schedule an alternate date.

Please download an application for admission (PDF) to the School of Music at Belhaven University.

For specific audition information, please select your area of study:

Composition Auditions

Music Majors Whose Principal Area is Composition:
Two or three original works which demonstrate compositional & songwriting experience (include scores, recordings, and/or live performance), in addition to a "major" audition in another performance area (instrument or voice).

Guitar Auditions:

Music Majors Whose Principal Instrument is Guitar
Three pieces memorized are required.
Guitar Performance Track: Three contrasting pieces, preferably from different periods or styles.

Music Minors Whose Principal Instrument is Guitar
A minimum of one piece memorized is required for music minor auditions.
For auditions which come up spontaneously, where the student has had little time to prepare or inform him/herself of requirements, I would be looking for fluent playing which evinces some technical facility. Requirements are somewhat flexible depending on the moment. Student composition/improvisations are welcome for those less interested in the classical side.

Instrumental Auditions:

Music Majors:

Organ/Piano Auditions

Music Majors Whose Principal Instrument is Organ/Piano:
Three pieces (or movements of pieces) of contrasting style and historical period.

Music Minors Whose Principal Instrument is Organ/Piano:

String Auditions

String Major

String minor/elective/ensemble players
Try to play as much as you can from the above Categories

Voice Auditions

Music Majors Whose Principal Instrument is Voice
Three songs memorized are required. See emphasis expectations below:

Music Minors Whose Principal Instrument is Voice
A minimum of one song memorized is required for Music Minor audition, student's option (should demonstrate your vocal talents well).

Choral Ensembles
Vocalizing and sight reading are the only requirements.