School of Nursing Faculty

We are very pleased that Dr. Barbara Johnson has taken on the challenge of becoming our founding Dean of the Nursing School. Barbara is no stranger to Belhaven as she has been serving on our faculty as Director of the Health Administration Program. As Dean, Dr. Johnson will play a vital role in the completion of our nursing degree application, curriculum development, and the identification of additional faculty members.
Additional faculty are currently being interviewed and will be added to this page as they are named.

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Barbara Johnson Dr. Barbara A. H. Johnson (2012) Dean of Nursing
B.S.N, University of Mississippi
M.S.N, University of Mississippi
Ph.D., Georgia State University
Dana Armstrong Dana Armstrong (2015) Assistant Professor of Nursing
B.S.N. University of Mississippi
M.S.N. University of Mississippi
Debi Fatherlee Mrs. Debi Fatherree (2015) Assistant Professor of Nursing
B.S., Mississippi University for Women
M.S.N., University of Mississippi
Mary Catherine Ford Mary Catherine Ford (2015)
Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Nursing
B. A., Psychology, University of Mississippi
Glenda Lee Glenda Lee, (2014) Assistant Professor of Nursing
B.S.N., University of Mississippi
M.S.N., University of Mississippi
Tina McDyess Tina McDyess (2014), Assistant Professor Of Nursing
B.A., Psychology, University of Southern Mississippi
B.A., Christian Education, New Foundation Theological Seminary
B.S.N., University of Mississippi
M.S.N., University of Mississippi
Dr. Amy Rex Smith Dr. Amy Rex Smith (2014), Professor of Nursing and Director of RN-BSN Program
B.S.N. Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, WA.
M.S., Boston University, Boston, MA
Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
Deborah Smitherman Deborah Smitherman (2015), Assistant Professor of Nursing
ADN, Mississippi University for Women
BSN, University of Mississippi (Cum Laude)
MSN, University of Mississippi
Elise Turner Elise Turner (2014), Associate Professor Of Nursing
B.S.N, University of Mississippi
M.S.N., University of Mississippi