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Theatre Major and Concentrations

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Bachelor of Arts in Theatre

The Theatre Department offers students a liberal arts approach to the training of theatre artists.  The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre is built to give students a wide range of training in different facets of contribution to the art of theatre, both off stage and on, to give them the experiences that will prepare students for a career in the field. The Bachelor of Arts program allows students the flexibility in required courses to pursue a diversity of interests both outside of their major and within the Theatre program.

Bachelor of Fine Arts Emphasis Programs

While still being exposed to a broad based theatre education, students may also wish to pursue one of six Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in Theatre: Acting, Production/Design, Musical Theatre, Theatre Ministry, Theatre History and Literature, and Dramatic Writing. 

Acting: Students are required to audition and be available to perform in every departmental production, as well as take a significant amount of our performance-oriented courses.  Performance students are required to take part in departmental Audition Day, presenting a growing list of potential audition material each semester.  To graduate, Performance students must complete a full Recital, demonstrating command of the material learned in coursework. Graduates from the BFA Acting will be prepared to audition and work professionally, have the background and preparation to potentially develop their careers as solo performers, or to continue their academic study in an MFA Acting program.

Production/ Design: Students are required to take a more forward role in design and construction, taking a more significant amount of technical courses, and presenting a portfolio of their work each semester.  Production students will complete a major design or construction project as their culminating project to graduate. Graduates with a BFA in Production/Design will be prepared to work professionally as technicians, or as design associates, or to continue their academic study in an MFA program in technical theatre or design.

Musical Theatre: With Belhaven' status as one of only 30 schools in the U.S. nationally accredited in music, dance, theatre, and visual arts, the Theatre department offers a concentration in Musical Theatre that utilizes the strengths of each of the performing arts. This emphasis allows students who have skills in voice, theatre, and dance to develop the diverse performance skills needed for musical theatre.  The emphasis in Musical Theatre includes essential musicianship skills, strong vocal training, theatre performance, dance performance, and history courses directly related to this unique discipline. Graduates with a Bachelor of Arts in Musical Theatre will be prepared to seek active employment in the field of musical theatre or pursue a Master of Fine Arts. 

Theatre Ministry: Students will be fully prepared as theatre professionals to apply their skills and talents in ministry or evangelistic opportunities. Related coursework will further the students' understanding of the issues and theories related to the integration of the arts into a ministry framework, both from the artistic and ministerial approaches.  This core of courses will explore the field of Applied Theatre, as well as prepare students to serve in theatre ministries in churches, para-church organizations or in missions. Theatre Ministry students must complete an internship with a ministry organization, or develop a ministry project utilizing their theatrical learning for the completion of the degree. Graduates with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Ministry will be prepared to utilize the art and craft of theatre to serve within a variety of ministry organizations.

Theatre History and Literature: Students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves not only in the practice of theatre, but its rich history, the variety of theories throughout history, and the application of those theories in the plays written. Culminating projects include research papers, presentation, or dramaturgy projects. Graduates with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre History and Literature will be prepared for introductory careers in dramaturgy, theatre practice, or graduate study in Theatre History or Theory.

Dramatic Writing: Building on the diverse experience of the breadth of theatre study, students in the Dramatic Writing program will be prepared to create material for the stage or screen. Coursework includes classes in the Creative Writing program at Belhaven, and will culminate in staged readings and productions of the students work before graduation. Graduates in the BFA Dramatic Writing program will have the experience and portfolios to submit works for production consideration, grant and development opportunities, and for further academic pursuit in a Master of Fine Arts program.

Minor in Theatre

Students interested in minoring in Theatre are expected to complete a small, diverse set of coursework and practical experience that certifies a person’s involvement in the practice of Theatre. Minors in Theatre are invited to participate with theatre majors in all levels of theatre activity, from onstage experiences to backstage and management opportunities.