Department of Biblical Studies & Ministries Course Offerings

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Biblical Studies majors take courses from a number of different subject areas including the Old Testament, the New Testament, Biblical interpretation, Christian ministry, and global missions. In addition to their coursework, all Biblical Studies majors complete a ministry internship which enables them to apply in a real-life ministry setting what they learn in the classroom.

In line with their interests and passions, students choose their area of concentration:

  • Theology
  • Youth and Children Studies
  • Missions and Cultural Relations. 

Students in the Theology concentration take two courses in Christian doctrine.

Those in the Youth and Children Studies concentration take one course in children’s ministry and another course in youth ministry.

Students in the Missions and Cultural Relations concentration take a course in cross-cultural ministry and another course on Christian social responsibility in light of the world’s needs.

In addition to the Biblical Studies major, Belhaven University also offers a minor in Biblical Studies. All Biblical Studies minors take Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, and 18 hours in Biblical Studies courses.

*Courses from other departments may be necessary to fulfill a particular major/minor.