Chemistry Department Opportunities

Career Opportunities:

Students graduating with a bachelor of science in chemistry are qualified to apply for a post-baccalaureate degree in chemistry, medicine, dentistry, or osteopathic (DO) medicine. They also could enter chemical sales, lab technology, waste management, engineering or education.

A Career in Medical Technology

Graduates with a baccalaureate degree in Chemistry, including certain prerequisites, may apply to the School of Medical Technology at Baptist Medical Center. A division of the Department of Pathology, it was established in 1946 and is accredited by The National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences. Students learn to perform laboratory procedures by assisting with actual tests on hospital patients. Because their learning is related directly to patients and their illnesses, students develop an important professional concept: a sense of responsibility toward patients

Job Opportunities:

Emedia Science in association with Liverpool University, UK would like to announce a chemistry jobs vacancy site at and also a new site at ( which stores chemist's CVs and will be searched by companies and recruitment agencies. Personal details (contact, name) are not revealed to companies, except with your permission.

Scholarship Opportunity:

Marion Davis Ridgway and Elise Davis Endowed Scholarship - This scholarship was established to honor the memory of Marion Davis Ridgway and Elise Davis. The Scholarship is designed to encourage exceptional students to pursue excellence in their undergraduate studies in science and math in the context of a comprehensive commitment to Biblical Christian faith while preparing to enter a career in the health professions. More info.