Chemistry Department Program Distinctives

One of the distinctive marks of our chemistry department is our worldview perspective. All programs at Belhaven University seek to discuss and explore how a Christian worldview relates to each academic area. Every course holds students accountable for knowing how a Christian worldview interfaces with the academic material. The Chemistry department takes many approaches to achieve this goal.

Each of our courses take a different approach to worldview integration seeking to give the student a broad understanding of many of the ways worldview can influence how we think. We have developed a Worldview Portfolio, which chemistry majors will develop throughout their chemistry major courses. Assignments from different courses will be combined in the senior year and presented during our senior seminar course. The Worldview Portfolio serves as a record of how students have developed in their worldview thinking throughout our program. Each of these assignments brings a new dimension to the traditional chemistry program of instruction and highlights the truth that worldview truly matters.

We also recognize that our worldview should change how we approach the chemistry enterprise. Our department seeks to highlight different aspects of this though our projects, initiatives, and partnerships. We have a strong focus on stewardship and green chemistry. In fact, we are the only department in Mississippi to have a fully green curriculum. You can learn more about green chemistry from the EPA web site.

We have also been recognized by the White House for our STEM education innovation.