Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice


Bachelor of Arts


Criminal Justice


Dr. Patricia Cruz, Chair

One of the repercussions of living in a fallen world is the problem of justice. Those who major in criminal justice will gain a better understanding of the many factors that impact both the causes and consequences of crime.

A Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice will expose students to the fields of business, political science, psychology, sociology, and social work to ensure that they are prepared for all facets of criminal justice. Led by instructors with ample real-world experience, students will be surrounded by those that are committed to teaching criminal justice from a Christian worldview.

What can I do with a criminal justice degree?

Those with degrees in criminal justice may go on to work in state, municipal, or federal law enforcement. Many others work in corrections, forensic science, or even in courtrooms. More specifically, students may become police officers, crime scene investigators, FBI agents, corrections managers, forensic accountants, or paralegals.

What can I do as a career with a degree in criminal justice?

Students will take courses in criminal justice covering such topics as criminology, juvenile delinquency, corrections, and justice and society.

Why choose to earn a bachelor degree in criminal justice at Belhaven University?

At Belhaven, not only will students be exposed to the depth and breadth necessary for a criminal justice program, but their courses will be rooted in Scripture and infused with the Christian Worldview that is essential for both academic and spiritual growth.

What kind of opportunities will I have in this major that will contribute toward my career?

Students will be exposed to faculty who have extensive backgrounds in law enforcement, legal affairs, and homeland security.