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Elementary Education


Bachelor of Science


Elementary Education K-6

Music Education: Vocal or Instrumental


School of Education
Dr. David Hand, Dean

The School of Education seeks to produce not only effective professional educators and state-certified teachers but also concerned, compassionate individuals who value each student's life and who are dedicated to helping all students to learn and fulfill his or her God-given potential. The School of Education's goal is the development of Teachers as Servant Leaders, supported by its program that emphasizes academic excellence, professional knowledge, character development, and leadership opportunities. Education candidates will have real-world experience through internships, practicum and directed observation and teaching in elementary schools.

Candidates planning to teach in elementary schools must not only meet the requirements for graduation from Belhaven University but also must complete courses specified for teacher licensure. All course requirements are subject to change reflecting requirements from the Mississippi Department of Education. Prospective elementary teachers should major in Elementary Education.
Prospective students desiring to teach at the middle/high school levels should major in the subject/content area in which they plan to earn their degree and should also consider the Dual Enrollment option leading to the Mississippi Alternate Route to Teacher Certification.

Licenses that entitle the holder to teach in public schools in Mississippi are issued by the Mississippi Department of Education, Office of Educator Licensure, Jackson, Mississippi. Applications for licensure may be secured from the Dean of the School of Education. Students who plan to teach in states other than Mississippi are responsible for securing all requirements and forms.


What will I study?

You will study and learn how to become a qualified professional educator prepared for public or private education.  The following is a listing of just some of the courses in your plan of study.

  • Child Development & the Characteristics of Children as Learners
  • How Children Learn & How All Children Can Learn
  • Curriculum Planning & Assessing Student Learning
  • Developing Effective Learning Environments
  • Classroom Management
  • Clinical Classroom and School Observations
  • Clinical Practice Student Teacher Internships

What can I do with a degree in Elementary Education?

  • You will be able to become a state certified teacher in Elementary Education.
  • You will be able to add endorsements to your teaching certificate as a minor in another subject content area which will qualify you to teach at additional subject and grade levels and make you more marketable for teacher placement.
  • You will be in demand as a qualified teacher as in many locations throughout the United States there is an increasing demand for teachers due to the on-going retirement of many educators.

Why choose Education at Belhaven University?

  • Courses are taught by professional educators who have been in the public and private schools and have a current understanding of teaching and learning and the knowledge base of contemporary curriculum issues in education today.
  • Courses are taught by educators who are Christians who model the professional dispositions and characteristics of exemplary educators and who have a desire to know and assist our teacher candidates as individuals.
  • You will experience personalized instruction and one-on-one interactions with the School of Education professors.

What kind of opportunities will I have in my major that will contribute toward my career?

  • Membership in professional school, teacher and specialty subject associations
  • Structured observation of a variety schools and classrooms in diverse learning environments as well as diverse student populations.
  • National Education Honor Society
  • Clinical internships in local school districts
  • Community involvement, field trips, fundraisers and service projects, tutoring and international travel for education or missions.

What are Belhaven Education graduates doing now?

  • Teaching in public and private schools in the local grater Jackson area school districts, throughout the State of Mississippi, nationally throughout the United States as well as some are teaching internationally
  • Teachers at the high school and higher education levels
  • Continuing education in Graduate School
  • Private and public school leaders as administrators and superintendents
  • Educational research associates
  • Teaching on the mission field

Important to note: Candidates are allowed to take only a limited number of courses in the School of Education before they must be admitted into the Teacher Educator Preparation Program (TEPP).  If a candidate is not admitted to the TEPP they can no longer take courses from the School of Education and will be required to change their major.  Candidates are admitted to the TEPP after successfully passing the required Mississippi Teacher Educator Entrance Exams, having successfully completed the requisite Education courses, having met and successfully been interviewed by the School of Education TEPP Candidate Approval Committee, and approved as a Teacher Candidate for the Belhaven Teacher Educator Preparation Program.