Department of Education Faculty

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David Hand Dr. David Hand (2013) Dean of the School of Education
B.A., M.A., Oral Roberts University
Ed.D., Oklahoma State University
Lydia McCardle Dr. Lydia McCardle (2007) Professor of Education; Director of Clinical Internship
Ed.D. Mississippi State University
Ed. Spec. Mississippi State University
M.S. Mississippi State University
B.S. Delta State University
Claudia Nisbett Dr. Claudia Nisbett (2010) Professor of Education; Coordinator Graduate Reading Program
B.S.E., M.Ed. and Ed.D., Delta State University
Catherine Wasson Dr. Catherine C. Wasson (1999) Professor of Education
B.A., Mississippi State
M.Ed., Delta State University
Ph.D., University of Mississippi
Bettye Quinn Bettye H. Quinn (1966) Associate Professor of Education
B.A., Belhaven University
M.Ed., Mississippi College
Leeann Carter Dr. LeAnn Carter (2015) Assistant Professor of Education; Director of Undergraduate Elementary Teacher Education and Coordinator of Elementary Reading
B.A., M.S., University of Mississippi
Ed.D. University of Mississippi.
Rebekah Mincey Dr. Rebekah Mincey (2013) Associate Professor of Education; Coordinator of MAT Program
B.S., M.S., William Carey University
Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi.
Mariella Simons Dr. Mariella Simons (2018) Assistant Professor of Education
B.S., Mississippi State University
M.Ed., Mississippi State University
Ph.D., Mississippi State University
Cynthia Wilkins Dr. Cynthia Wilkins (2013) Associate Professor; Director of Graduate Education
B.S., Baylor University
M.Ed., Mississippi College
Montessori Certification - Primary, MWEI Montessori Institute
Montessori Certification - Elementary, St. Nicholas Montessori College
Ph.D., Mississippi State University
Jim Young Dr. James Young, III (2018) Assistant Professor; Director of Doctoral Studies
B.S., Mississippi College
M.Ed., University of Southern Mississippi
Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi