English Department Opportunities


English students at Belhaven University have been recruited for internships in publishing (including newspaper journalism and writing and editing for magazines), theatre, managerial training programs, office management programs, writing and editing for Christian ministries, and ESL (English as a Second Language) work for local hospitals.


Traditional careers for English majors have, of course, long included writing or editing, journalism and teaching at the elementary, secondary, or collegiate levels. Recent trends in business management, however have opened doors to lucrative careers in real estate, public relations, technical writing, actuarial management, business management, and in-service training. English has long been recognized, as well, as a major that perhaps best prepares students for law school or seminary.

Our English graduates have also been recruited into various graduate programs. Last year all our English graduates who applied for entrance into graduate studies in English or Library Science were admitted. All but one received assistantships or fellowships! All of our English graduates last year who applied for full-time employment obtained the jobs they sought.

The Brogue

The Brogue is a literary magazine devoted to creative and critical writing. It is published once a year under the sponsorship of the English Department. Download the most recent copy of the Brogue literary magazine or view archived copies.

Sigma Tau Delta (Alpha Epsilon Chapter)

The purposes of this honor society chapter include: to confer distinction for high achievement in English language and literature; to promote interest in literature on the Belhaven campus; to foster the discipline of English in all its aspects, including creative writing and critical writing; to seek to clarify the implications of biblical truth for its discipline.

Colophon (English)

The students of the Belhaven Colophon desire to develop their love for literature and language through enrichment outside the classroom setting; to foster fellowship among students; to explore career opportunities for English majors and to improve students' prospects for serving Christ in the world.