Student and Alumni Spotlights for the English Program

Bethany Cavanaugh, English Major

Name: Bethany Cavanaugh
Major: English
Hometown: Houston, TX
Fact: I drink afternoon tea every day.

I chose to come to Belhaven because... the close campus life, small classes, and Christian Worldview.

One relationship that has meant a lot to me while attending Belhaven... is my roommate/high school friend. We were really close in high school, but since coming to Belhaven, we have grown immensely. When I feel stressed or overwhelmed, she always points me to the cross.

Because of my degree from Belhaven University... I can think and analyze critically, which is not only crucial to everyday life, but I plan on getting my masters and possibly my doctorate, so that I may teach.

One word to describe my experience at Belhaven is: Life changing

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Bethany Cavanaugh, English Major
Bethany Cavanaugh

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