Department of History Opportunities

Internships available for majors:

The Department of History and Political Science offers internships in various government offices and in other public policy areas. To pursue these practical learning experiences, students enroll in Political Science 490.

Careers for majors and minors:

  • Education - Earn a secondary education certificate and teach (and coach) in high school; then go on to graduate school for the masters' and/or Ph.D. degrees and teach in the community college, or the college and university.
  • Law - Prepare for law school and practice law, or use this training to acquire a variety of positions in business, government, etc.
  • Church - Prepare to enter the ministry, other church positions, or the missionary field.
  • Government - Various civil service positions are available at the federal, state, and local levels. For example, the FBI, the IRS, the Foreign Service on the federal level and the Department of Archives and History on the state level.
  • Library - Prepare for library science studies and become a librarian, archivist, or curator.
  • Media - Enter the field of journalism with the printed press, television, radio, or documentary films. Some history majors have become writers of novels!
  • Travel - Work as a travel agent, planning and guiding tours.
  • Business and Industry - Enter a variety of business vocations. (Many large businesses, like banks, insurance companies, communications firms, etc., prefer to employ persons who are knowledgeable about world affairs and who have high skills in reading comprehension and in communications, especially writing. Because such broadly-educated persons are trainable and tend to be innovative and imaginative thinkers, they can make significant contributions to the business and rise to management levels.)