Student and Alumni Spotlights for the History Program

Kylie, History Major and Political Science and Music Minor

Name: Kylie (Schafer) Wilcox, Alumna
Major: History
Minor: Music (Piano)
Hometown: Brooklyn Center, Minnesota
Fact: As a transfer, I didn't go through the Worldview Curriculum like other students. I shocked all of my friends by taking some Worldview classes of my own volition!

I chose to come to Belhaven because... I spent my freshman year of college in a place that wasn't as thoroughly Christian as I thought it would be, so I was looking for a school that lived up to both academic standards of excellence and to the standards of the Christian faith. Belhaven fit both.

One relationship that meant a lot to me while attending Belhaven... was with my piano teacher, Carolyn Sachs. She not only helped me to become a more confident, sensitive pianist, but she took the time to talk, laugh, and pray with me about many issues in my life that had nothing to do with piano or school. I know that through her help, I am a better Christian and a better wife than I would be otherwise.

Because of my degree from Belhaven... I feel like I have a foothold on almost anything that I want to do in the future-whether that becomes a career, further formal education, or passing on what I've learned to future generations.

One word to describe my experience at Belhaven: Irreplaceable

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