Math Department Course Offerings

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*Courses from other departments may be necessary to fulfill a particular major/minor.

MATHEMATICS MAJOR [B.S. (36 hours) or B.A. (30 hours)]

The required coursework for the mathematics major includes traditional courses and provides flexibility in higher level course choices. It is assumed that persons entering the major have competency in both college algebra and trigonometry; if not, these two courses are available (6 hours) and students are advised to complete them before they begin major coursework. Courses for the major must be completed with a 2.00 GPA.

*MAT 490, Mathematical Investigation, is a capstone course in which students take a second look at important mathematical concepts but this time from the technology perspective. They build a working proficiency with the CAS Mathematica. Group wise, they examine ideas and problems from analytical, numerical, and graphical viewpoints; individually, they research a topic of mathematical interest and present findings in written and oral form. They each take an ETS proficiency exam in Mathematics.

**MAT 399 and 499, Selected Topics, are offered at irregular intervals according to student interest. Recent offerings have included Number Theory (2008), Mathematical Modeling (2007), Actuarial Sciences Internship (2006), Higher Geometry (2005) and Advanced Differential Equations (2004).