Department of Mathematics Opportunities


Belhaven Mathematics Seminar

Belhaven Mathematics Seminar meets several times per semester to expose students to mathematic topics not typically covered in a class room. Students are able to engage with professors and students from different universities and learn about the rich history and beauty associated with mathematics.

Friendly Competitions

Friendly Competitions are frequent in the Belhaven Math department with a Question of the Week competition held each semester as well as national problem solving challenges. The department also hosts the annual and campus wide Math Scavenger Hunt to help show the abundance and relevance of mathematics around us. Mathematics majors have the opportunity to participate in the creative development of our competitions, and the winning participants of each competition receive prizes.

The Computer Laboratory

The Computer Laboratory is now fully equipped with Wolfram’s Mathematica 10, a powerful CAS utilized by numerous research institutions and Fortune 500 companies. Belhaven students have the luxury of learning how to use Mathematica throughout their curriculum and head up a research project as a senior in MAT 490 Mathematical Investigation. The top annual research project from MAT 490 receives the Outstanding Research Award and is honor amongst his or her peers.

Marion Davis Ridgway and Elise Davis Endowed Scholarship

The Marion Davis Ridgway and Elise Davis Endowed Scholarship was established to honor the memory of Marion Davis Ridgway and Elise Davis. The Scholarship is designed to encourage exceptional students to pursue excellence in their undergraduate studies in science and math in the context of a comprehensive commitment to Biblical Christian faith while preparing to enter a career in the health professions. More info.

Belhaven Creative Labs

Belhaven University is excited to be part of the the maker movement through a major collaboration between its Art and Design Department and Mathematics and Computer Science Departments. This partnership, known as Belhaven Creative Labs, brings together students of all disciplines to work on physical projects that foster technical education and creative exploration.

Students will have opportunities to learn and work on projects of their own interests, as related to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics).
Projects will involve 3D printing, design software, coding, circuitry and micro-processers, sculpting, data science, wood crafting, robotics, virtual reality, and more.
Belhaven Creative Labs was created to prepare students for careers, develop creativity and critical thinking, and provide an outlet to engage society in meaningful ways.

Belhaven Creative Labs are unique because its footprint spans several lab spaces around the campus including a lab for design, circuitry, and bots, another is home to the coding lab that covers simple circuits and machine learning to data science and a third hosts the 3D digital fabrication lab and sculpture studio.