Letter to Prospective Students

At Belhaven, mathematics is taught as a language that as a written form describes natural processes. A student of mathematics learns of the beauty, the symmetry, and the complexity that exists everywhere around us, and having a degree in mathematics secures analytical thinking and prepares one for a variety of career options.

Belhaven offers the traditional mathematics major, which acquaints the student with calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, and a range of other fields of mathematics with computing additions through use of Wolfram’s Mathematica.  Professors within the mathematics department feel that learning is enhanced in our small classrooms of 6 – 12 students in upper level classes. In addition, Belhaven's pre-engineering program features faith and learning in general education and mathematics courses at Belhaven, and these are followed by placement in an engineering school of the student’s choosing to finish their education.

In today's technological world, the student with a traditional mathematics major is able to consider a range of career options.  Belhaven graduates have worked in systems analysis, mathematics teaching, actuarial science, and operations research, among other fields.  Government and industry both offer a variety of math-related occupations to the bright and well-trained mathematics professional.

Belhaven's dedication to Christian scholarship works through the mathematics program to help students develop God-given talents.  Some students combine mathematics with other fields of study such as biology or chemistry, education, or accounting to create even more options for a career. In fact, in a recent article by the Wall Street Journal, Mathematician was rated the top job for 2014 and in PayScale's list of "Majors That Pay You Back," most of the top 25 are mathematical in nature.

If you have a specific career goal in mind, we can discuss it with you, and we'd welcome your visit to a mathematics class if you come for a campus tour.  We ask that you prayerfully consider Belhaven University as you seek to find God's will for your academic future.

For further information, contact Dr. John Estes, Assistant Professor and Chairman of Mathematics at 601-968-5993 or jestes@belhaven.edu.