Department of Psychology Opportunities

Internship Opportunities:

PSY 351 (practicum) is available to the junior or senior major. Students may chose either a clinical or research practicum. (Credit is from 1-6 hours.)

Some sites have been:

  • University Medical Center
  • Blair Batson Children’s Hospital
  • Center for Pregnancy Choices
  • Mississippi Center for Behavioral Sciences
  • Jackson Public Schools
  • Battered Women’s Shelter
  • Morris & Associates (I/O psychology)
  • Outpatient psychology practices
  • Hospice Ministry

Career Opportunities:

For a career in psychology, social work, counseling or law, graduate study is encouraged. Examples of entry level positions obtained by Psychology majors:

  • director of volunteer services
  • probation/parole officer
  • corrections officer
  • group home coordinator
  • veterans' advisor
  • statistical assistant
  • case worker
  • child protection worker
  • family service worker
  • social service director
  • affirmative action officer
  • child care worker
  • staff training and development
  • employee counselor
  • community recreation worker
  • drug/substance abuse counselor
  • employment counselor
  • residential youth counselor
  • day care center supervisor
  • community relations officer
  • congressional aide
  • park and recreation director
  • program manager
  • rehabilitation advisor
  • counselor aide
  • Intellectual Development Disorder unit manager
  • hospital patient service
  • occupational analyst
  • job analyst