Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media


Bachelor of Arts


Digital Media


Bill Moak, Chair

The Digital Media program is a rigorous, hands-on experience wherein students learn to tell stories through the various mediums of digital media. Digital Media is a fast-growing field, and is expected to continue to grow during the next decade.

Digital Media professionals work in advertising/public relations agencies, e-commerce businesses, and multimedia design firms, among others, to shape the way the modern world works, learns, communicates, and plays.

Majors learn to apply critical thinking skills to practical work. Typically, Digital Media careers require skills in:

  • oral and written communication;
  • understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of digital media;
  • ability to understand audiences;
  • creative talent;
  • ability to work in teams;
  • and time management skills.

Students majoring in Digital Media will meet professionals in the classroom, as well as the workplace.

What will I study?

As a digital media major, you will learn a variety of skills that are essential for success in the digital media industry. Most communication professionals today need to have a wide variety of skills in producing content, including:

  • writing for news media and public relations;
  • producing well-designed materials for publication;
  • producing and editing video;
  • and learning how these various communication-related fields work together.

Our interdisciplinary program is designed to help equip you with these skills to be successful in an increasingly-digital world.

What can I do as a career with a Digital Media degree?

People with knowledge and expertise in digital media work in a variety of organizational settings, including:

  • advertising and public relations agencies;
  • nonprofit organizations and churches;
  • government agencies and corporations.

Why choose a Digital Media degree program from Belhaven University?

  • The faculty members who teach the components of this major all have credentials in their respective professional fields, as well as extensive contacts with their industries.
  • At Belhaven, students enjoy a low faculty-staff ratio, meaning that students get personalized experiences which might be more difficult to obtain at larger schools.
  • And Belhaven’s commitment to a Christian worldview means that all curriculum is taught to help students grow spiritually, while learning to better understand their place in God’s plans.

What kind of opportunities will I have at Belhaven that will contribute toward my career?

  • All students in this program must complete a communications internship, which is a structured experience working in a professional environment.
  • In addition, students will learn how to develop a digital portfolio of their work, which can help them be more competitive in the workplace.
  • Students can also network with professionals working in one of several professional fields.