Digital Media Course Offerings

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The Digital Media major is an interdisciplinary program requiring 45 semester hours. Students will graduate with an understanding of foundational media competencies, the ability to use media to articulate a point or demonstrate a concept, and a personal vision for the creation of original multimedia content. Core courses are required in public relations, film production, graphic design and business.

Basic Track
Core Courses: COM 210, COM 250, COM 309, COM 370, COM 440, COM 450, COM 490, FLM 105, FLM 210, FLM 215, GDS 110, GDS 112, GDS 240, GDS 320, and BUS 320. The basic track also requires fourteen general electives. Electives include: BUS 327, COM 310, COM 340, CSC 111, CSC 112, CSC 121, CSC 122, CSC 404, FLM 110, FLM 205, FLM 310, GDS 400, GDS 488, MUS 021, MUS 231, MUS 380, MUS 381, MUS 384, and MUS 392.

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*Courses from other departments may be necessary to fulfill a particular major/minor.