Global Studies Minor

The Global Studies Minor (GSM) is comprised of 15 hours in six courses. All six courses in the GSM are offered every year. There is only one prerequisite for the one practicum course. Courses do not have to be taken in a certain order, but ideally, the practicum course would occur after most of the other courses. The GSM is a strong compliment to most majors.

Curriculum Summary

Course # Course Name Semester Hours
IST 202 Introduction to Global Studies Fall 3
IST 300 Intercultural Communication Spring 3
IST 305 Current Global Trends Fall 3
BIB 408 Global Perspectives Spring 3
IST 444 Cross-Cultural Immersion Theory Spring 1
IST 456 Global Service-Learning Practicum Summer (Online) 2
Total: 15 hours

IST 202 Introduction to Global Studies -
Introduces a theoretical framework for integrating the various disciplines from which the IST majors and Global Studies minor draws its courses. The five themes are: geography (places), anthropology (people), economics (production), politics (power), and history including proclamation of the gospel.
IST 300 Intercultural Communication -
Explores the theoretical and practical dimensions of cross-cultural communication that occurs both internationally and domestically. This course will focus on the principles of communication, including perceptions, worldviews, identity, conflict, and verbal and nonverbal language expression, for effective engagement in another culture.
IST 305 Current Global Trends -
Focuses on relevant world news and current global trends such as globalization, urbanization, cultural intelligence (CQ), and kingdom professionals engaged in the global workforce
BIB 408 Global Perspectives -
Global service is examined from four complementary perspectives: theological, historical, cultural and strategic, to give both a firm foundation and deep motivation for such service.
IST 444 Cross-Cultural Immersion Theory -
Addresses the theoretical components of cross-cultural immersion experiences including culture shock, health concerns, safety issues, spiritual climate, and team dynamics. It also speaks to logistics in obtaining passports, visas, immunizations, and financial support. This course specifically prepares students for their global practicum.
IST 456 Global Service-Learning Practicum -
Provides a unique experiential learning opportunity to practice skills learned in the minor while simultaneously serving a community – ideally through the means of one’s academic discipline. The hands-on service-learning component is experienced in a cross-cultural context, usually an international setting. IST444 is a prerequisite for this practicum.