Interdisciplinary Studies Degree


Bachelor of Arts


Interdisciplinary Studies


Daniel Shaw, Instructor

The Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies provides students with the opportunity to accomplish individualized goals that include customizing their fields of study, or incorporating prior diverse college credits.

The interdisciplinary studies degree permits students a range of flexibility by taking an interdisciplinary approach to learning. Students fulfill their major by taking 42 hours of coursework in two or three areas of study, with at least nine hours being taken in each area. In addition, 30 of those hours must be taken at the 300 level or higher. The course of study culminates in a capstone experience under the supervision of the Associate Dean of LifeQuest, who also serves as advisor for all traditional interdisciplinary studies students.

Through career specific advising, students earning an interdisciplinary degree will benefit from:

  • A general studies degree program that will include customized courses added to the student's academic plan.
  • Completion of a final paper/project that ties together coursework in their selected areas of study that will prepare them for positions in various career fields and/or application to an advanced degree program.
  • Learning to communicate in various settings and understand multiple perspectives in their selected career field.
  • Preparation for lifelong learning.