Interdisciplinary Studies Course Offerings

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*Courses from other departments may be necessary to fulfill a particular major/minor.

Students desiring a degree in interdisciplinary studies will be required to complete 124 hours for the degree. Students must fulfill their interdisciplinary major with:

  • 42 hours of course work from two or three areas.
  • At least nine hours must be taken in each area and 30 hours must be 300-400 level courses.
  • A maximum of 64 hours can be transferred from a two year college, remaining hours up to a maximum of 93 hours can be from a four year degree granting institution.
  • A minimum of 31 hours must be taken at Belhaven University including at least 50% of the major.
  • Disciplines can be in any area which can be found at a regionally accredited liberal arts institution, regardless of whether or not the discipline is offered at Belhaven.

Upon declaring as an Interdisciplinary Studies major, the student must meet with the Dean of LifeQuest. The Dean will work with the student to identify appropriate courses to complete the academic plan. The student and Dean must agree to and sign a contract for completion and any deviation would need to be approved by the Dean.