International Studies Course Offerings

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*Courses from other departments are necessary to fulfill the requirements of the International Studies major.

How is the International Studies major different from the Intercultural Studies major?
Requires 10 more hours, semester abroad, which includes foreign language, and a brief introduction into business (production) and politics (power).

In addition to the general education courses required for graduation (approximately 56 hours), the bachelor of arts in international studies requires 45 - 54 hours to include: BIB 210, 360 and 408, BUS 420, 6 hours of intermediate foreign language (either SPA 201-202 or FRE 201-202); IST 201, 202, 301, 401, 402; and either IST 302 (cultural anthropology) or IST 303 (intro to linguistics); plus two of the following Political Science courses: PSC 212, 311, 316 or 319. HIS 205 will be required of transfer students but not of first-time entering freshmen.