Christian Classical Education

Building on a Christian Worldview

As one that is dedicated to the principles of a Christian classical education, you know the value and importance of learning from a biblical worldview. At Belhaven University we want to help you continue to build on the firm foundation you have laid through your commitment to Christian classical education.

Our Mission

You can tell a great deal about an organization by its mission statement . . . its reason for being. At Belhaven University our mission is to prepare men and women academically and spiritually to serve Christ Jesus in their careers, in human relationships, and in the world of ideas. We underpin our mission in several critical ways:

  • Faculty: every member of our faculty is a committed Christian who is dedicated to Christian education through teaching and mentoring our students.
  • Curriculum: our teaching from a Christian perspective weaves the power of faith into the educational process.
  • Faith in God's leading: over the years Belhaven has developed majors and programs that the "world" thought were risky to launch. . . but through faith, we now have outstanding and prosperous initiatives that are testimonies to God's sovereignty in unique areas like the arts, science and the teaching of intelligent design, athletics, and adult education.

The result? At Belhaven University we educate your mind, but even more importantly we engage your soul!

Omega College: Your Opportunity to Craft Your Own Classical Curriculum

Belhaven's "Omega College" is a one of a kind program that allows students to develop a specialized major built on their interest and passions. Selected students enrolled in Omega College will develop their own focused course of study through an individually formatted curriculum that allows them to pursue interests outside of Belhaven's traditional majors. If you wanted to pursue a distinctively Christian classical education, Belhaven can make your choice a reality. If you wanted to teach or be an administrator in a Christian classical school, Belhaven is uniquely equipped to prepare you for that ministry. You can learn more about our unique "college within a college" through our admission office.

Belhaven and Christian Classical Education . . . a Great Partnership!

Belhaven University is not only committed to serving participants in the Christian Classical Education movement, we are actively developing partnerships with leaders to vocationally prepare Christian classical school teachers and administrators. To learn more about the unique opportunities found only at Belhaven University, fill out our inquiry form or call our Admission Office at 1-800-960-5940.

Dr. George Grant "Belhaven University is training up the next generation of leaders with a solid curriculum rooted in the Christian worldview and an outstanding faculty committed to Biblical discipleship. That is why whenever students ask me to recommend colleges or universities, Belhaven is always at the top of my list."

-- Dr. George Grant, one of the leaders of classical campus education and Director of the King's Meadow Study Center in Franklin, Tennessee

Doug Wilson "In a day when educational reformation is one of our foundational needs, it is very encouraging to see what is happening at Belhaven. I believe that the state of higher education in our nation today cries out for many more colleges pursuing academic excellence in the context of Trinitarian faith."

-- Doug Wilson, pastor of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho and author of of many well-known works focusing on classical education