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Belhaven University is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

Stephen Delatte, Untitled, graphite (detail)


foundation courses in drawing and design develop your ability to observe the world around you and respond with skill and sensitivity

Stephen Delatte, Untitled, graphite (detail)

Mikael Jury, Untitled, welded steel (detail)


studio courses in drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, and printmaking develop technical and aesthetic skills from beginning to advanced levels

Mikael Jury, Untitled, welded steel (detail)

Andrea Thomasson, In Search of a Story Worth Telling (Fez), fired clay, paint (detail)


at Belhaven we emphasize authentic artistic process: experiential learning and individual exploration rather than one-size-fits-all formulas

Andrea Thomasson, In Search of a Story Worth Telling (Fez), fired clay, paint (detail)

Bitsy Irby Visual Arts and Dance Center


personal mentoring by professors and partnership with peers helps you refine your work and learn professional skills in a supportive Christian environment

Bitsy Irby Visual Arts and Dance Center

Lee Cason, Untitled, fused glass (detail)


discover your artistic voice, develop your vision, and produce independent work for exhibition

Lee Cason, Untitled, fused glass (detail)

Discover your creative and professional path in our nationally accredited program …

Why study art at Belhaven University?

  • artistic and technical excellence
  • freedom for creative exploration
  • individualized mentoring and caring community
  • proven professional and career opportunities

At Belhaven, you’ll get …

… in-depth training in drawing, painting, sculpture, and photography in state-of-the-art facilities from professors with decades of professional and exhibition experience. Studio courses begin with the basics and progress to advanced levels of creative achievement. Courses in art history and theory help you develop aesthetic awareness and critical discernment from a Christian worldview.

… the chance to find your own creative voice and explore your own artistic direction. In our unique Practicum program, we show you how to embark on an authentic, self-directed creative process that will help you produce a unique, substantial, and exhibition-ready portfolio of work.  Our state-of-the-art facilities also provide you with individual studio space to pursue your creative process.

… personalized, individual mentoring from faculty and a caring community of students. At Belhaven, we place a premium on a welcoming, supportive Christian environment, on community and camaraderie, and ongoing individual guidance. Your faculty and peers will be with you every step of the way to encourage you and help you develop into the artist you were meant to be.

… preparation to succeed professionally in a wide range of art-related fields. The real-world training and experience you’ll receive from our capstone senior course, the opportunity for internships, and the chance to exhibit and sell your work in our professional-level gallery will prepare you for a successful launch into your career as an artist and in art-related fields.

Our alumni are employed full-time as …

  • character designer, Warner Brothers Animation, Los Angeles
  • teaching fellow, UC Santa Barbara
  • stained glass artist and restorer, Pearl River Glass Studio
  • fashion photographer, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • 3-D designer/animator, Enva Division 
  • display artist, Anthropologie
  • owner/photographer, Acorn Studio, Clinton, MS
  • independent exhibiting painter with gallery representation, Richmond/Atlanta
  • high school art teacher, St. Andrew’s Episcopal School
  • high school art teacher, Jackson Academy
  • …and much more

For more on our alumni and career opportunities for visual arts majors, see Careers and Alumni.